At CAREER CALCULATIONS , we are committed to build outstanding management teams for our clients to compete in the Global market.
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Functional Verticals

In tune with the industry-specific practices, we at CAREER CALCULATIONS , have the resources and the required flexibility to offer global executive search to the businesses we serve. With our global contacts and resources, we have in-depth understanding of the relative code of ethics, management style, hiring practices and compensations norms of the different functional verticals.

Today, more and more segments of the business world are becoming highly specialised. As a result, accurate knowledge and understanding of the specific industry and functional verticals - especially in highly regulated environments - is essential to ensure the successful and timely result of each search effort. Our recruitment consultants are vertical specialists, providing the real world, hands-on experience to the table when doing an executive search on your behalf. We believe that matching candidates to jobs is only possible by having a deep insights and understanding of both the candidate and the Client.

Recruitment Process

At CAREER CALCULATIONS , we not only provide recruitment consultancy services to our clients but also give the applicants a perfect platform to get their dream jobs. We can help our clients to get the suitable candidates, cultivate them and retain them. Our comprehensive recruitment solutions as HR consultant ensure the delivery of profitable propositions for your Manpower requirements.

We have adopted the international practices and procedures that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market; thereby offering the best employee recruitment. We provide our client companies with not only a set of candidates, but also discussion on best-fit market availability, comparative benchmarking and a comfort knowing. Our online recruitment solutions are the best in the market today.

Our Recruitment Process can be categorized into three phases, namely: -

  • Planning - Structure, Focus, Identity, Prepare
  • Implementation - Contact, Motivate, Evaluate
  • Closure - Selection, Offer & Joining

At CAREER CALCULATIONS, we follow a carefully structured recruitment and selection process, which starts right from understanding the clients' needs and functions all the way to follow-ups with both clients and candidates post recruitment. A brief description of the different stages involved in our recruitment process is given below: -